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UI UX Design course

120 Days

Why UI/UX Design is Secret to Your Success?

UI/UX helps you understand your users, enhances their experience, gives you a competitive advantage, increases conversion and sales, shapes a positive brand perception, and offers cost savings. By focusing on user needs and creating intuitive experiences, you can attract and retain customers, differentiate yourself from competitors, and drive overall business growth.

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UI UX Design Course (90 days)
Course Duration 

120 days

Session Count

54 Sessions



Total Hours

267 hours



Course Curriculum

# 1-30 DAYS 31-60 DAYS 61-90 DAYS
1 Introduction to UI/UX Design 10 heuristic evaluations Project 1 - Portfolio creation
2 Figma tool hands-on training How to conduct usability testing? Adobe XD tool hands-on training
3 Work on 50 UI design challenges Conduct affinity mapping session Project 2 - Design a website using Adobe XD
4 Conduct user interview with end-user 21 laws of UX Project 2 - Portfolio creation
5 Empathy Mapping Introduction to material design 2.0 & components Upload portfolio, design challenges in Behance
5 Researcher biases and participant biases Wireframes, Prototying, Grids Resume creation
6 User or customer journey mapping Navigations Create & update social media profiles
7 Identify and define a problem statement Colors & Typography Bonus sessions
8 Understand user mental model Learn top web layouts
9 Understand user scenarios How to create UX design portfolio
10 Conduct card sorting exercise Project 1 - Design an Android app using Figma
11 Create Task flow, User flow, Content inventory, Site map

Outcomes of UI UX Design Course

1. Become a UI/UX designer/Product designer/Visual designer

Develop skills to design user-friendly mobile and website interfaces (UI) that enhance user experience and solve user problems.

2. Get Certified

Receive a course completion certificate, establishing your credentials as a UI/UX Designer in the industry.

3. Career Guidance

Receive guidance from industry experts to help you secure internships or job opportunities in the field.

4. Showcase Your Work on Behance

Create a portfolio by completing two projects - a live website design and a mobile app design - and display your work on Behance.

Who is Eligible for the Course?

1. No specific degree or educational background is required, although having some design knowledge or experience can be beneficial.
2. Individuals interested in design, user experience, or user interface design can greatly benefit from a UI/UX design course.
3. UI/UX design courses are suitable for individuals looking to enhance their design skills, pursue a career change, or expand their knowledge in this field.

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What I will learn?
UX processes, Material design UI, Figma, Adobe XD
How many hours do I need to learn?
3 hours/ day
Do I need to learn coding?
Absolutely No.
Do I get placement assistance?
Yes, you get placement assistance until you land on your first job
Eligibility to learn UI UX Design
Only your interest in design.

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For enquiries on courses, reach us at contact@pepsoftwares.com | +91 638 1010 282

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