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AR Design course

60 Days

How Augmented reality design is secret to your success?

AR (Augmented Reality): The key to understanding your users, elevating their experience, and gaining a competitive edge. Attract and retain customers, stand out from competitors, and ultimately drive business growth.

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AR Design Course (60 days)
Course Duration 

60 days

Session Count

54 Sessions



Total Hours

267 hours



Course Curriculum

# Module 1 Module 2
1 Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D models with Blender Introduction to AR with Adobe Aero
2 Overview of Augmented Reality (AR) and its applications Introduction to Adobe Aero and interface as an AR authoring tool
3 Overview of 3D model in Blender Adding interactivity to AR scenesBasic 3D modeling tools and techniques
4 Introduction to Blender interface and navigation Placing and arranging 3D models in AR space
5 Basic 3D modeling tools and techniques Working with 3D models, animations,properties and interactive elements in Aero
6 Creating and manipulating 3D objects in Blender
7 Understanding materials, textures, and Animation in Blender
8 Rigging and animating 3D models
9 UV mapping and texture painting in Blender
10 Exporting 3D models from Blender for AR
# Module 3 Module 4
1 3D Object Manipulation in Aero Publishing and Sharing AR Experiences
2 Importing 3D Objects into Adobe Aero Preparing AR experiences for publishing on mobile devices
3 Basic 3D Object Manipulation Understanding AR file formats and export options
4 Create and Export Animation Assets in Mixamo and import to Aero Distributing AR experiences through various platforms and channels
5 Interactive Triggers and Actions Sharing your AR creations with the community and exploring feedback
6 AR Work Flow and Best Practice Exploring monetization strategies for AR experiences

Outcomes of AR

1. Become a certified AR Designer

Become a certified AR design expert by mastering comprehensive design principles.

2. Career Guidance

Connect with industry professionals for internship and job opportunities.

3. Showcase Your Work on Behance

Showcase your skills by building an AR design project for your portfolio.

Who is Eligible for the Course?

Relevant background in computer science, information technology, graphic design, or a related discipline.

Course Students Gallery

Any questions? Answer Here!
What I will learn?
UX processes, Material design UI, Figma, Adobe XD
How many hours do I need to learn?
3 hours/ day
Do I need to learn coding?
Absolutely No.
Do I get placement assistance?
Yes, you get placement assistance until you land on your first job
Eligibility to learn UI UX Design
Only your interest in design.

For Registration/ Enquiry 

For enquiries on courses, reach us at contact@pepsoftwares.com | +91 638 1010 282

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